Monday, August 15, 2011

Mimi and Pop's House

This past weekend we went to my Mimi and Pop's house! My family from Japan is in town and we get to see them! I've only seen them on Skype and it was so cool to meet them in person!
Our family from Japan brought all the little kids kimonos! I wasn't in the mood to try it on, but it's so cute!
My cousin, Jackson, and I love to wrestle each other!
We are such good buddies! I wish we lived closer to each other!
We had Baby Kate's 1st birthday party!
Scott with Tomo and Mayu!
I think I'm getting too big for the pack-n-play!
And I'm too big for the baby seat!
I love my Mimi!
Mayu and me
All the great-grandkids got a picture together!
Mimi and Pop with their grandchildren!

Georgia Aquarium & My First Braves Game

Mommy and daddy took me to the Georgia Aquarium a few weeks ago! It was so cool! I saw a ton of big fish!

There are little tunnels you can crawl through and see the fish
I was taking a break...there was a lot of walking and a ton of people!
I didn't really understand why I couldn't get in the water. I just wanted to pet the fish!
I tried pushing so hard, but it wouldn't budge!
There was an awesome play area with a big slide! I LOVE slides!
There were also areas where I could actually touch the water and there were starfish in here, but I didn't touch it.
There were stingrays in here. I just liked splashing the water, though!
Mommy and daddy and me at the Braves game! I had so much fun!

There was a fireworks show after the game. This is mommy and me watching them!