Monday, August 30, 2010

My New Cousin, Baby Kate!

I have a new cousin!!! Her name is Kate Elizabeth McCoy and she was born Wednesday, August 25th! This weekend, we went to Atlanta to meet her. She is so pretty and quiet...unlike me! :)
This is me meeting baby Kate for the first time...mommy's making sure I'm being gentle.
Me "holding" baby Kate...with help from Mimi and mommy
We went outside to play some baseball, but since I can't run, I watched and played with a soccer ball with mommy!
Jackson and me riding in the wagon.
Jackson and me taking a bath
Daddy holding baby Kate
My cousins, Jackson and Kate! I love them!


Mommy and daddy put a couple of my toys in my t-shirt to make it look like I'm wearing shoulder pads! HAHA! And I look like I'm going to tackle mommy!
I LOVE Aubie!
Me with the Auburn Tiger Paws...they are so pretty!
Me with the Auburn Cheerleaders...they are pretty too (the girls, of course)!
Daddy and me walking on the football field
Sitting on the field...waiting on the football game...

Montgomery Biscuits Baby-Crawling Race

Last weekend, my daddy's friend, Biscuits GM Greg Rauch, invited us to the Biscuits game for Auburn/Alabama night. We got to sit up in the owner's suite and they asked me to play in the baby-crawling race. So, of course, I said YES!!
I liked being high up above the field.
Hanging out watching the baseball players warm-up.
I like baseball!
This is me preparing for my race...I look like I'm concentrating so hard!
Getting ready to go see my mommy at the finish line...that's the little girl that I raced to the right of me.
I started off so great and was blowing that girl away!
I'm a professional crawler!
But, right at the end, I decided to stop, turn around and let the little girl win. I'm such a gentleman! The crowd was laughing at me because I started off so great and then got about 6 inches from the finish line and sat down. Then I got distracted by the laughing crowd and the girl just crawled right passed me! It was fun though and got a free t-shirt! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Time For Sports!

Well, it has begun...sports season, that is! I went to the first athletic event of the year last night. It was my first Auburn women's soccer game. I enjoyed watching the girls run around a kick a ball. It definitely held my attention and I wanted to play really bad! And then I went to the AU football scrimmage game with dad for a little while this morning (Saturday). I got this picture in front of Bo Jackson's jersey and helmet in the locker room. I am a very lucky kid to be able to do and see all these things! I can't wait for Auburn football!! WAR EAGLE!

Watching soccer
Daddy was telling me what was going on because I don't quite understand the game yet.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mommy and Daddy's Trip

Recently, daddy surprised mommy with an anniversary trip to Washington D.C. and New York City! They said it was really cool and I just know I will love it when I can go when I'm bigger!! My mommy put together this video of some of their pictures!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My First Steps!!

I took my first steps today!! It was really awesome! I took the first steps at my Aunt Mandi and Uncle Erik's house in Atlanta that morning and then when we got back home to Auburn, I took EIGHT steps!! WOW! I'm still not very good, but I get better everyday! Soon, I'll be running and mommy won't be able to catch me! :)