Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Here I am at school on Valentine's Day!
I just LOVE when mommy follows me around with a camera (NOT)!
This is my class for our Valentine's Party!
Cupcakes are my favorite!
Wiping my the icing off of my mouth.
This is my friend, James! Mommy says we are trouble!
This year, mommy and daddy were my Valentines!

Playing at the PlayPlace!

I went to the Play Place at the mall and it was so much fun!
There was a ball pit!
The slide was so much fun! i could have played all day!
There was also the alphabet there and if you know me at all, you know that's my favorite thing in the whole world!
Sliding and giving Papaw a high five!
I was a happy little man!
I met a friend named Chloe. I kind of just followed her around everywhere!
Pops let's me ride on the rides at the mall, too! My smile says it all!

Auburn Basketball

I love going to Auburn basketball games! They are so much fun!
I love that all of the seats have numbers on them. They are more interesting than the basketball game! :)
I do watch the basketball game for a minute.
I really like to watch Aubie dance! He's my friend!
Daddy and me watching the game
Family photo in the parking lot!