Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disney World!

We went to Disney World with Mimi, Pop, Aunt Mandi, Uncle Erik, Jackson and Kate the week after Thanksgiving. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I love Mickey Mouse so much and I got to see him in person and give him a hug! I can't wait to go back again!
Our hotel had an awesome pool with slides and stuff. Daddy and I played like crazy!
I went down the slide all by myself!

And airplane starting writing letters in the sky...and if you know me, you know how much I LOVE letters! Disney World really IS where dreams come true!
My cousin Jackson and I were so ready to go!
I loved sitting on daddy's shoulders!
Daddy, mommy and Bronx
Kate and me with Chip and Dale
Mommy and me
Daddy and me
Meeting Minnie and Mickey! So exciting!
Minnie gave me a hug!
Mimi and Pop with us and Minnie and Mickey
Surrounded by a million Mickey Mouses!
I'm not a fan of the loudness of fireworks!
My cousins and best buddies, Kate and Jackson!

Kate and I had to take naps in our strollers.
We're some pretty cute kids!
Pirate Bronx
I waited all day to eat a Mickey Mouse ice cream!
It was my dinner that night and I LOVED every bite of it! And I made a big ole mess!

Sorry I've Been Gone So Long!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! My mom forgot the password for my blog, so we've had some trouble logging on to update. But we're back now and here's a little update of the last three months!
I like throwing acorns out of Papaw's truck!
I put acorns in the bird house. I don't think bird's eat acorns, but I liked doing it any way!
Happy Thanksgiving!
This is me and my friend Emma on Halloween. Her daddy works with my daddy. She was Minnie Mouse and I was a pirate!
Here's dad and me at my Halloween party at my school.
Mommy and me at my school
Enjoying some food
These are some of the kids in my class! I love going to school!

Monday, September 19, 2011

My 2nd Birthday Party!!

Sunday we had my 2nd birthday party at Frog Legs Inflatable Party Zone! It was so much fun!
This is me and my cousin, Jackson jumping in the jump house!
Swinging is so much fun!
I was so happy at my party!! I was so glad to have all my family there!
Me and my friend, Rocco, playing
I'm so sweet!
I'm such a boy...ewwwww!
I got a cool tricycle!
Mommy, Pops and Nana wearing their Mickey Mouse ears!
All my friends at my party! Thanks for coming, everyone!
I was so happy that my Mamaw Beshears got to come to my party! I have an awesome family and I love them very much! Can't wait for my 3rd birthday party!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mimi and Pop's House

This past weekend we went to my Mimi and Pop's house! My family from Japan is in town and we get to see them! I've only seen them on Skype and it was so cool to meet them in person!
Our family from Japan brought all the little kids kimonos! I wasn't in the mood to try it on, but it's so cute!
My cousin, Jackson, and I love to wrestle each other!
We are such good buddies! I wish we lived closer to each other!
We had Baby Kate's 1st birthday party!
Scott with Tomo and Mayu!
I think I'm getting too big for the pack-n-play!
And I'm too big for the baby seat!
I love my Mimi!
Mayu and me
All the great-grandkids got a picture together!
Mimi and Pop with their grandchildren!