Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beach, Beach, Beach!

The beach was so much fun!
Mommy and me
Mommy was trying to get to be okay with the big water (ocean). It's really loud!
I liked sitting in the shade, on a blanket so that no sand gets on me!
We sure missed daddy!

I'm such a cute little monkey!
I love playing with mommy's phone. It's very entertaining!
Mommy kisses are so great!

Nana played with me and tried to get me used to the sand and big water. I got a little better.
"Ayee" (Allie) is my favorite!
I liked the big water when someone would hold me
I played very hard at the beach. But I napped even harder!
Seaside is such a fun place!
I loved riding bikes!
This is so pretty!
My cousin, Paul, and his family live in Destin. They came over for cake and coffee. Paul and I are three days apart. We had a lot of fun playing together!

It's Been a Little While

Sorry it's been so long since we've posted an update. My mom's been slacking in her job of posting pictures of me. We've been pretty busy this spring and been having a lot of fun!
Daddy usually bathes me when he's home and not at a baseball game. And every time he does, he likes to fix my hair funny.
My hair is a little long for a mohawk, but it's a try.
We went to Starkville, MS for dad's baseball weekend. I enjoy watching the games!
I have had a bit of a runny nose lately...sorry for that! :)
I like hotel beds! They are so comfortable and you have fresh, new sheets every night!!