Monday, June 20, 2011

Summertime Fun

Sliding down the slide at the Splash Park!
Everyone taking a break and eating some snacks
Erin splashing in the water!
Nyles and me
Nolan and me
Daddy holding Erin under the got her goooood!
Everyone singing and dancing
Nolan feeding a zebra at the Wild Animal Safari
Nyles helped me feed the animals
Feeding a cow...they have yucky tongues!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day in Mobile

This is me with my teachers on the last day of school this year. I will miss Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Jill next year, but hopefully I'll pass them in the hallway!
It was really hot outside, so daddy went and bought a slip-n-slide for me to play in.
Mom thinks it looks like I'm saying a quick prayer before trying this slip-in-slide thing! HA!
I love to splash in the water!
Daddy was splashing me with water and it was kind of chilly!
I'm a sweet, sweet baby!
I think I was telling dad a story here.
And then, of course, mom had to take our picture!
Sweet kisses!
Daddy showing me how it's done.
I tried, but just couldn't get it quite right.
Me and my dad
We are best buddies!
I'm my mommy's sweet angel!