Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My AWESOME Cousins!!

We went to Atlanta to spend the day with my favorite cousins, Jackson and Baby Kate!
Jackson got a cool Auburn baseball helmet for his birthday!
Jackson and I in our cool matching outfits!

Trying to stand up in the tunnel...didn't work out too well!
Jackson, Daddy and me on the carousel. It was so fun!
Aunt Mandi and Baby Kate
Having so much fun!!!
Telling Jackson bye! I miss him so much!
I miss Baby Kate too! I ask my mommy all the time when I can see them! Hope to see you soon!!

Cookies and Haircuts and Ice Cream, Oh My!

I am a little cookie monster! I love anything and everything sweet!
My hair was so long, mom could put it in a ponytail! Crazy!
So, we went to the barber shop downtown and got me a nice manly haircut! AND a lollipop! :)
I look gooooood!
This is the first time I wrote my name! I can write all of my letters now! Upper case and lower case! I write them all the time, anywhere I can!
Again, anything sweet, I love! And this ice cream cone had sprinkles on it! YUMMY!