Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm So Thankful!

Thanksgiving was so much fun! We were at my Great Mamaw Gail and Papaw Bobby's house in the woods. It was beautiful weather and the leaves were amazing!
I played in the leaves for hours!
This is my sweet face!
Buried in leaves

Laughing is my favorite!
Mommy and Daddy giving me kisses
I'm a cutie!
Mommy and me
I love my mama and dada!
My Thanksgiving pjs!

I Love Birthday Parties!

So, my friend, Emerson, turned 4 and she had an AWESOME carnival birthday party! Her daddy works with my Uncle Josh and the party was held at their Excel Baseball Academy building. Here are some fun pictures...
There were balloons everywhere and I LOOOOVE balloons!

I rode this roller coaster a million times! It was so much fun!
My Auntie Allie took me sliding down the slide in a big jump house!
This is the baby jump house...I'm trying to turn a flip here!
This was the most fun EVER!
Daddy taught me how to hit off the tee...I look pretty good!

I had so much fun!
I tried out the Cozy Coop car and I liked it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My First Visit to Toomer's Corner

I had my first Toomer's Corner experience a couple of weeks ago when Auburn beat LSU!! I met my mommy and daddy down there after the game and it was crazy, to say the least!
It looked like this about 3 minutes after the game ended!
Me and mommy and daddy

My Mimi and Pop were in town this weekend too! Pop looks good in that orange and blue (he's a Bama grad)! HA!
Nana and Pops
Daddy and me! WAR EAGLE!
Mommy and me!
Mommy giving me celebratory kisses! :)


This is me at my school Halloween party
Being silly :)
This look definitely matches my shirt! HA!
Daddy and I carved a pumpkin!
Here's the finished product! He has two little teeth, just like me! :)
This was at the Fall Festival at my school...like my giraffe costume?
Mommy loved my little tush in this costume!
I made a cute little giraffe!