Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ten Months Old Already???

I can't believe I'm 10 months old already!! I mean, that's two months away from my 1 year old birthday! I am certainly having a great time and these ten months have been fantastic! I love to play and play and play all day. I am officially a bottle-free baby as of about 3 weeks ago! I drink all of my milk from a sippy cup and I like it. I only use a paci when I sleep or take a long car ride. I'm still a big eater and haven't really found anything I don't like to eat. I can walk with my push walker, but I'm scared to stand up by myself. I always reach for mommy, daddy, the couch or the floor. Here are some updated pictures of me...
Mommy and daddy spiked my hair up--I look funny! :)
Here I am in my new car seat. I LOVE it! I am turned around now, so I can see out the windshield and see where we are going.
I like to scream a lot now...for no reason in particular. I just open my mouth, like this, and yell really loud! HA!
Here I am at my Pops' tractor place. I'm going to know how to drive one of these when I grow up!
Daddy took this picture. He thinks I look cute in this hat. I agree with him! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July!!

My first 4th of July was a blast! My Mimi, Pop, Aunt Mandi, Uncle Erik and my cousin Jackson, came to my Nana And Pops' house on Saturday. We cooked out, swam and rode 4-wheelers! Then Sunday we had a ton of other people come over. We had a tennis tournament and my daddy won! Everyone shot fireworks, but I missed them because I was already asleep. Fourth of July was a very fun weekend!

God bless America!
Playing in the pool
The water splashes my face!
Daddy tickling my belly! I love it!
My cousins Nolan and Nyles playing with me in the pool!
Chewing on someone's bracelet
Daddy dunked me in the water
I make funny faces when the water splashes me!
Happy 4th of July!
I look like I'm saying The Pledge of Allegiance here.

War Eagle!

Aubie stopped by the baseball field, so I got my picture with him. Can't wait for football season!